Landon Carter 

Landon Carter, a Charleston native who spent his formative years in Tampa, FL, is an artist of many different mediums and styles. Landon has been creating art as a form of expression for as long as he can remember. With works ranging from 25 foot wide murals to digital illustrations, Landon has a wide variety of techniques and experiences in his repertoire. Landon spends much of his time live painting at concerts throughout Charleston, working in his humble bedroom studio, or creating posters and playing music in the Charleston area.

Being an interdisciplinary artist, he is most inspired when bringing together all of his crafts. Often combining mediums such as spray paint, newspaper, and acrylic, he gives away some of the control most would prefer to have and lets the paint control the basis of a future composition. 

Landon’s ceding of control to the mediums that he uses allows for compositions of absurd, outlandish, and sometimes illogical subjects to be formed into clear images that make the viewer question their understanding of reality.

He aims to use his art as a platform to promote inclusivity, positivity and healing of humanity to advocate for change in the priorities of most individuals. Although he has not been pursuing professional painting very long, Landon’s drive and creativity show promise for a productive career in the years to come. 

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